The Power of Oneness Testimonials

"The author offers "The Perspective of Oneness," a unified, balanced, holistic view of life that embraces time-tested spiritual truths. The universal flow of energy helps the reader to reconnect and access an empowering harmony of love and light."


-- Monte Farber & Amy Zerner
Authors of Love, Light and Laughter, The Psychic Circle and The Healing Deck



"The clarity and sensibility of this book command the most important fact of life – the power of oneness. Get this book and get it! Live in the oneness to be happy, successful, and heal yourself and the world."


-- James Wanless, PH.D.
Author of Intuition @ Work and bestseller The Voyager Tarot



"The Power of Oneness offers clear and simple yet deep and thorough explanations of the fundamental principles of living in spiritual awareness. Sandra helps us see how we easily separate ourselves from the All That Is, and gives us tools for realigning our thoughts to once again live in oneness with Creation."


-- Alan Seale
Author of Soul Mission, Life Vision and Intuitive Living: A Sacred Path



"Ms. Brossman should be commended for her words, spoken boldly. "We" are all responsible for our actions including: religion, education, health care, and everything that’s important to us, to our families, and the world. She illustrates how, in understanding our inner and outer-self, we can change our lives without blame and consequence to others. The Power of Oneness is not for the faint of heart but for those truly wanting to face the challenge of ‘fully’ living."


-- Suzane Northrop
Author of Everything Happens for a Reason and Second Chance



Reader Testimonials


"I actually stumbled upon this gem at a TJ Maxx store – of all places -- for a very good price, wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but lemme tell ya – I was blown away at what I read in here. I have read many, many spiritual books, from Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Jerry and Esther Hicks. You name it and I’ve probably read it. However, this one gets to the core of what you need to know/learn and explains things in a way that you will understand … This is one you must add to your library. You will read it over and over, if you are lucky enough to have the time! You will grow and if you apply what you learn from this book, your life will change. I am just a little disappointed that the author hasn’t written anything else since this but frankly, it would be a little hard to top it to tell the truth. It is a wonderful journey. For the price I have seen it being sold for on Amazon, which is unbelievable, you can’t afford to pass this one up, believe me! Namaste!"


-- L. McDonald
Temecula, CA



"Had I not been introduced to The Power of Oneness, Live the Life You Choose and Sandra Brossman, it is tough to say where I would be today. Lost in a sea of anger, hopelessness, self-loathing, and utter confusion, I just couldn’t find my footing. Not only was I frustrated at every aspect of my life; I felt as though I was letting those around me down too. I was slowing killing myself trying to live up to what I thought were everyone else’s expectations for me. How exhausting!!! 


The Power of Oneness was a huge wake up call. It allowed me a new perspective on life, a new outlook on my relationships with others, and most importantly, the relationship with me! Sandra showed me that the light within is always with you, that forgiveness is always an option, and that you truly can move through and transform any bad feelings you have.


Sandra – thank you for your wisdom and guidance. Thank you for showing me a path that is much more enjoyable to take as I make my way on my journey. Thank you – for everything."


-- Transformed
Ambler, PA



"I recently picked up The Power of Oneness again and am reading it for the, oh I don't know, 30th time! While I was in the throes of change, this book helped me understand what I needed to do at every turn. It helped me keep my head on straight, my heart open, my spirit big, and my energy positive. It took a lot of discipline to stay focused and not let myself indulge in fear and other icky temptations, but I referred to the book’s teachings whenever I felt like I might be looking in the wrong direction. I met the man of my dreams in the most amazing, serendipitous way. We got married a year and a half later and had our first child 1 year + 1 day after that. My professional life went down a similar path. I'm reading this book again, for the first time as a mother, and again, it is expanding my spirit. Now I need to purchase the book and give them to everyone I love.


-- Meg K.
Austin, TX



"A simple and practical guide for transforming your life. Reading this book and integrating the thought patterns (which really are so simple and practical) into my everyday living, has changed my world – or perhaps only my perceptions have changed! I only know that my job (and my financial situation) have changed dramatically for the better, that I am now with my soul mate for life, and that the world now feels like a joyful and loving place. This is a book to keep on your bedside table and to read over and over again! Thank you, Sandra, for sharing all you have learned with all of us!"


-- K. Fountaine
West Chester, PA



"The Power of Oneness, by Sandra Brossman, is a winner! I am taking my bragging rights before the rest of the world becomes aware of this tremendous, inspiring document ... This book changed my life from stem to stern. I had a problem forgiving my parents for the poverty from which I came. I read the chapter on forgiveness and saw that I had to forgive myself — and I did! I now know that my life is a better place for me.

Reading The Power of Oneness is a miracle in the making. My life just turned around! I envisioned abundance in my life and then turned that vision over to God. That’s just the beginning. I now have more than enough opportunities providing me with abundance in all forms, for which I am very grateful.

So when the rest of the world catches up to me by reading this book, I will be able to say to all of you that I read this book way back when."


-- A Grateful Reader
Philadelphia, PA



"One of our all-time favorites! As practitioners of holistic healing and life-long seekers, we have found this book to be essential in both our personal and professional lives. It’s practical yet inspiring words are perfect for individuals just beginning their path, skeptical people interested in spiritual growth, and dedicated journeyers. While we "dog-eared" pages throughout, the heart of the book seems to be the focus on forgiveness and uncovering our layers of limiting beliefs. This is written and organized in such a user-friendly way that we often find ourselves referencing back to this section of the book. The book ends with tremendous pragmatic wisdom about prayer and visioning – the kind of insights we wish we had years prior! This book reads like you have your own personal coach or guide – leading you from fear to love, and from separation to oneness."


-- Andrew and Marie
Ithaca, NY



"Finally, a down-to-earth about spirituality! The Power of Oneness takes a very balanced approach to spirituality that guides rather than preaches. The author speaks with credibility, yet encourages the reader to find the answers for himself. In fact, I find that the book is not one to read and put away. I can use it on a daily basis as a tool to give me insight and perspective into daily problems and setbacks. I highly recommend the book to the person who is seeking to become more in harmony with their inner spirit and with the world around them."


-- Young Businesswoman
Denver, CO



"I want to share an experience I had while sitting home alone recently. I decided to read a book entitled The Power of Oneness. I finished the book at 3:00 a.m. It changed my life. I have been on a personal journey healing my childhood abuse for over 10 years, yet I did not recognize a close friendship as emotionally abusive until I read the book. I was able to end the emotional abuse. The author of this book is a holistic health professional. I started seeing her about eight years ago. She is the person who helped me transform my destructive past into a journey of healing and forgiveness. Although the book "spoke to me" about emotional abuse, the book is so much more. It is a practical and easily understood synthesis of information that can transform all our lives. I am a therapist who works with adolescents and their families. I have recommended it to them. They are also awakening to their own power to transform and begin to take charge of their lives. I believe that peace on earth begins with each one of us contributing to peace individually, in our immediate families, and in our communities. Changed my life and is changing the lives of my clients. Peace begins with reading this book."


-- Cindy D., R.N.
Collegeville, PA



"The Power of Oneness is a life-changing book. There is no question that Sandra Brossman is an incredibly powerful person and a good author. There is no question that this book can change your outlook and help you begin to make things right in your life. The question for me was, would I actually let it happen? I fought it tooth and nail, unwilling to believe this new way of seeing my surroundings … Thank God I finally gave in and let the book help me. My outlook, my feelings, my family and, most of all, my life have changed so much for the better that I don’t believe there are words in the English language to describe it. Thank you, Sandra, for everything."


-- Corporate Executive
Austin, TX