Meet Sandra Brossman

Sandra Brossman is the author of The Power of Oneness, Live the Life You Choose™, and a spiritual counselor, holistic healer, life skills mentor, teacher, and business consultant. She has dedicated her life to the transformation of individuals in both their personal and professional lives.


Sandra speaks from experience when she talks about transforming your life. She personally went through a traumatic divorce and was financially wiped out. She then raised her daughter on her own, coped with the near-death of a loved one due to drug addiction, and has overcome immense physical pain caused by a chronic spinal cord disorder. Writing The Power of Oneness was healing in itself for Sandra and has inspired thousands of others to overcome adversity in their lives.


Sandra began her career in the field of business consulting. From 1976 to 1990 Sandra owned and managed her own human resources consulting firm, bringing transformation to hundreds of businesses, including numerous Fortune 500 companies. As she interviewed and counseled thousands of people, Sandra witnessed the vast emotional distress of people in the workplace. This gave her insight into the enormous need for spiritual healing for people at work and in their personal lives, and she has dedicated her life to this purpose ever since.


In 1990, Sandra followed her inner calling to study mind-body-spirit healing and graduated from Rosemont College’s Holistic Health Studies Program. In the process, she became certified to teach and practice numerous energy healing modalities, such as One Brain Integration (an emotional healing process), Therapeutic Touch, Touch for Health, Reflexology, Vortex Healing, Acupressure, and Reiki. In 1991, Sandra integrated her holistic healing training with her counseling and business consulting skills by setting up a private practice specializing in holistic health and spiritual counseling. For 17 years Sandra had a highly successful practice, counseling and facilitating healing sessions for thousands of clients.


During this period of time, at the request of many of her clients, she began the extraordinary journey of writing a book that shares the self-empowering processes used in her healing sessions and workshops. This resulted in the publication of The Power of Oneness, Live the Life You Choose™. This book helped so many people that Sandra was then motivated to develop a seminar curriculum, The Power of Oneness Foundation Course, which is based on how people can integrate the spiritual principals of the book into their daily lives. Sandra has facilitated this enlightening seminar to a vast audience over the past 10 years. In response to the request of many motivated people who completed this seminar, Sandra organized The Circle of Light, a spiritual community of people who meet quarterly to consistently inspire, support, encourage, and amplify each other on their spiritual journey.


In 2009 Sandra was intuitively guided to expand the message of her book to an international audience and organized a company, The Power of Oneness, LLC. Its mission is to empower people to consciously create the quality of life they truly desire. The book reminds us that our thoughts create our reality, that we can heal our self-sabotaging patterns, and that we can create a physical world based on our spiritual values. In so doing, people are inspired to heal their lives and contribute to a collective reality of Unconditional Love, Health, Harmony, Abundance, and Joy.


During this same year, with the tremendous support of key members of The Circle of Light, Sandra formed the Circle of Light Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 organization whose mission is to assist people to live the life they choose through education of all healing modalities, assistance to those in need of healing, and research of the integration of alternative and traditional therapies.