The Power of Your Words


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Most of us tend to underestimate the enormous power of words. Every word we speak sends out a vibration that carries forth an intention. Our words can be healing, loving, kind, comforting, and encouraging. We can also choose words that are cruel, damaging, depressing, and discouraging.  We each have the power to choose whether we want our words to hurt or heal.


It is very important to understand that the way speak to others is the way we feel about ourselves.  If we are feeling insecure and vulnerable, we are likely to reactively fire off angry words in an unconscious, futile effort to defend ourselves. Ironically, the people on the receiving end of our words of fury are typically the people who are in our inner circle of family and friends because these are the people whom we feel will accept us, no matter what we are saying.  Not surprisingly, we can end up alienating the very people who are most supportive of us because it is exhausting and self-destructive to be around someone who is constantly hurling cruel words.


When we use our words to mindlessly vent our feelings, not only does this hurt the people on the receiving end of our words, it ultimately proves to be very hurtful to ourselves because the words we send out to others actually forms an energy field around us. This can prove to be an endless cycle of mindlessly projecting damaging words, only to discover that we are attracting the same type of responses from other people. When this happens, everyone involved is in high drama, and we are not likely to accomplish anything in our interaction.  We may have found an outlet for our feelings; however, everyone has gotten hurt in the process.


By now you may be asking yourself, “How do I speak kindly to others when I don’t like the person to whom I am speaking?”  Actually, communicating with others with kind intention is not dependent on how you feel about the other person. Mindfully choosing your words is a healthy habit that you develop because you respect yourself.  Creating a verbal battleground with others does not create the quality of life you want to live because you are likely to feel guilty most of the time, so what are you gaining?


The bottom line is that if you want to experience peace and love in your world, it is imperative that you choose words that are in harmony with these qualities.


You can develop the habit of consciously choosing words that are constructive for yourself and others. The following are a few points that can help you to communicate in respectful, kind ways, no matter who you are talking with and no matter what the situation:


Take responsibility for how you communicate – The quality of your life is a manifestation of the energy you are projecting. If you are communicating with people in a respectful way, that is the quality of life you are creating.  If you are mindlessly reacting to people and situations with anger and negative intentions, then this is also the reality you are creating. Once you take responsibility for this, you can change your reality for the better.


Speak kindly to yourself – Since we project to others the way we feel about ourselves, it is essential that you begin to practice talking to yourself the way you would like others to speak to you.  Our minds are like computers, recording our self-dialogue into our subconscious minds.  If you feed your mind with self-affirming, kind words about yourself, you will naturally respond to others in the same way.


Think before you speak – Ask yourself:  Am I talking to this person the way in which I want to be spoken?  We all have a split second, at the very least, to engage our minds before we open our mouths. Once our thoughts are spoken, it is not possible to retract the energy we have projected, so it is well worth our while to do a quick mental edit of the words we are thinking before we say them.


Be conscious of what you are trying to accomplish through your communications – If you are clear about what you want to create or resolve with another, you will become aware of the words you need to use to create your desired outcome. This will help you to steer clear of getting into the “negative zone” of engaging in hurtful verbal exchanges with unproductive results.


When you mindfully choose words that are in alignment with love, respect, and cooperation, you will discover that you are able to attract people and situations that coincide with the energy you are projecting.  From a spiritual perspective, this is the quality of life you were meant to live,  and you have the power to create it!


Love and Light




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