Why Are Our Thoughts So Powerful?

This is the image of a bird's eye view of the human brain with abstract colors and energy radiating outward


Whether or not we are conscious of it, our minds are always working.  Every thought we have is an energetic impulse which is constantly creating who we are and the circumstances within our lives.  This means that we are each participating in the awesome process of creation with each and every thought that we have!  Creation is not only something which has already happened – it is the eternal moment-to-moment manifestations of our thinking.  Manifestation is the process of our thoughts becoming evident to one or more of our five physical senses.



The creative dynamic of thought is sometimes referred to as The Law of Manifestation.   Like gravity, manifestation is a principle of nature which is constantly in effect, whether we are aware of it or not.  We begin to appreciate the miraculous power of our thoughts by understanding some of the dynamics of the Law of Manifestation.



All of our thoughts manifest into our physical world.



Absolutely everything we see and experience in our physical world began as a thought.  Whether it be the chair on which you are sitting, the birthday party you recently attended, or the picture you admired at the art gallery, it all began as an idea in someone’s mind.  You are always thinking; therefore, you are perpetually creating.  We are all channels of universal energy which is consistently flowing to and through us.  Because universal energy is the essence of life, it is neutral; however, as it flows through our minds it becomes positive or negative, depending on your perceptions.  Your thoughts, both positive and negative, generate your reality. Hatred and violence are manifestations of negative thoughts, just as love and peace are manifestations of positive thoughts.  Since you are automatically always creating, the question is:  Do you want to create consciously from the space of spiritual truth, or do you want to unconsciously allow the energy of mass consciousness to govern your thoughts?  Living a life of integrity requires that you master your own thought process on a conscious level rather than allowing your thoughts to be controlled by others or trying to control the thoughts of others.



What we focus on expands.



When you steadfastly hold to an intention, whatever you are concentrating on expands, whether it involves a person or a situation.  For example, when you consciously intend to focus on what you like about someone, you find more to like about that person and your relationship with that person is very likely to improve. If your intention is to concentrate on their faults, you will increasingly find more to dislike about that person, which is bound to create more difficulties in your relationship.  Likewise, when you focus your attention on the things that are going “wrong” in your life, you will create more problems within your life to confirm your thoughts that life is a constant struggle.  When you dedicate your attention to all the things that are going “right” in your life, you will observe and experience increasingly more pleasant situations.



What we think is what we attract.



When we set our thoughts into motion with our intentions, the universe responds through the law of attraction.  Because every thought is an electrical impulse, each of us is like a radio station in that we transmit our thoughts by sending out a certain frequency.  The frequencies of our thoughts are vibrations.  The vibrations of our thoughts magnetize other thoughts on the same frequency.  This means that whatever we send out is what comes back to us – thoughts of love attract loving people and situations;  just as thoughts of fear attract fearful people and situations.



We can change our reality by changing our thoughts.



If you don’t like what we see in your exterior world, you don’t have to wait for the circumstances to change.  You have the creative power to change your external circumstances by changing the internal world of your thoughts!



How many times have we heard ourselves and others say that our lives will be better when we have more money, more time, less work, fewer problems, and the list goes on and on.  When we do this, we are, in essence, waiting for our circumstances to change us instead of changing our situations.  Our life circumstances are not the cause of thoughts – they are the result of the thoughts we are sending out to the world!  We do not need to wait for situations to change before we feel better.  When we choose to think differently, the circumstances will follow our thoughts.



Life is not a permanent condition.  It is a dynamic process of constant change and growth.  If we don’t like what we are attracting, we have the power to change how we are experiencing life by changing the thoughts we are projecting.  Our frequency then changes, as does everything we attract.



What an amazing realization!  We have the power to change the condition of our lives. When we change our thoughts we change the world around us!  After all, we ARE infinite potential!



Love and Light,