Living in Joy: What Does it Really Mean?

During a workshop a couple of years ago, someone asked me how I would define “joy.” The answer came through to me very clearly in that moment, and what I heard myself say is:


“Joy is the perpetual celebration of the perfection of every moment.”


This is an image of a joyful woman.

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Delivering that spontaneous insight was the easy part. LIVING in joy, I find, is not quite as easy. It is simple . . . . but not necessarily easy on a human level.


Being spiritually conscious beings, most of us have sent out visions and prayers to the Universe to provide us with the support, resources, and guidance to create the quality of life we choose.


My personal experience has been that all my prayers are being answered, but NOT always in the ways in which I might expect. For example, one thing that has become abundantly clear to me is that when we clearly affirm what we want in life, we may find that, rather than new things showing up, the prayer may be answered by things being taken away, such as the loss of a job, old friendships, a certain lifestyle, financial security, and the location of where we live.


It has taken me a while to realize that the Universe is not taking things away from us; rather the Universe is getting things out of our way that are obstructing the visions we are holding. In fact, we may feel that our lives are literally being turned upside down as we go through this “housecleaning” process. If we resist, it can be downright painful.


The only way to clear resistance is to surrender, and in order to surrender, we have to have complete faith, and in order to have complete faith, we have to accept that everything that we are experiencing – both the “good” and the “bad” – is in divine order. And when we accept that all is in divine order, we are able to celebrate the perfection of every moment.


And now we’ve come full-cyle – the celebration of the perfection of every moment is JOY.


This is an image of the Joy Intention Card.


This is the back of the Joy Intention Card.


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