Introducing The Power of Oneness

Dear New Friend:


I am very enthusiastic to announce the launch of our new website based on the book, The Power of Oneness, Live The Life You Choose™.  As the author, I’ve decided one of the most powerful ways to connect with you will be through this blog.


This is a photo of Sandra Brossman, author of The Power of Oneness, Live the Life You Choose

Sandra Brossman, Author of ‘The Power of Oneness, Live the Life You Choose™’


What is the underlying principle of Sandra’s Insights? Imagine a world where, no matter our differences, we are all ONE connected through the spirit of unconditional love.  That world exists right here, right now if we choose to see it.


When my partners and I sat down to design this website we committed to three very clear intentions:  Inspiration, Integrity, and Infinite Potential. As a result of remaining true to this commitment, every single aspect of this site, from the words to the images to the fonts to the products and the colors, is carefully and mindfully rooted in the intention of bringing the message of unconditional love to the lives of our readers (that’s you).


Our mission is to share the wisdom of the book, The Power of Oneness, Live the Life You Choose™ by empowering people to consciously and actively create the quality of personal reality they truly desire.


These are extremely challenging times in which we are living, filled with phenomenal shifts and changes.  Our world is rapidly transforming from a basis of fear and ego (Separation) to the infinitely more expansive foundation of basing our lives on the truth of Oneness.  The time has come for us to embrace these major changes as a wonderful opportunity for growth and expansion. The results help us to overcome the very real everyday issues of stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness and anger.


As an author, energy healer, life skills counselor, and former business consultant, I am committed to sharing insights and experiences with you in a pragmatic way that will help you to integrate these principles into your every day life; and, most importantly, to encourage you by providing insights and expansive perspectives that will inspire you, no matter what you are experiencing in life.


Welcome aboard!  I am honored to travel this journey with you.


Love and Light,



4 thoughts on “Introducing The Power of Oneness

  1. That is one incredible message. If only the world can read it every day for the rest of the year. Infinite Potential, Integrity and Inspiration are great bywords to practice living as One in world of Oneness. for real.
    Good luck with your website.

    Leonard R. Bezar

  2. Congratulations. You were ahead of your time, now we’ve all caught up to YOU as you are ready to introduce yourself to the world. I remember you didn’t like using computers when you began this journey 20+ years ago. fascinating. . . I also remember when we worked together 25 yr ago ( I think I was your first paying client) and you spoke of 2012 it seemed so far away. Here we are. What a journey. Sending you peace, joy, love and abundance your way.

  3. i hope to read your book. i believe that you are on to some mass healing principles.. I hope to write a book like you did one day and i hope u don’t mind that i shared one of the things you wrote on my facebook page; but i also made sure to give you the credit.. of course.. since you wrote it.. thank you
    from Trace S.

    • Tracey,

      I am thrilled to hear that you are thinking of using a book as the vehicle with which to amplify your voice. Please keep me up to date on your progress. You can always find ‘The Power of Oneness’ on this website or on whenever you feel inspired to read it.

      Also, thank you for being willing to share my words with your own Facebook friends. It’s a huge compliment.

      Love and light,

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