Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

So here we are – the second day of our 7-day preparation for the Great Shift of December 21, and the topic I had chosen for today is how to feel peaceful in the midst of chaos. The tragic shootings in Newtown, CT have only just occurred and the wounds are raw for everyone who has been touched by this horrific event, and by that, I mean all of humanity.


At this moment, you are most likely asking yourself some pretty deep questions: “Love unconditionally?  Remain centered?  How can anyone remain loving and peaceful while we are still experiencing the shockwaves of losing our dear children and beloved teachers?  Quite simply, WHY?”


There is no explanation I could possibly offer that would rationalize the massacre of 28 people.  Mindlessly killing anyone, let alone children, is an act of violence that rocks our sense of morality to the core.  This feels like a nightmare, except when we woke up this morning, it was still true – it really did happen.


Yesterday all I could do was sit with my feelings of grief and shock.  Wanting to honor my commitment to bring the message of inner peace to this blog today, I got up this morning, sat in silence and asked:  Is it still in the greatest good that I write about inner peace today?   What am I (and all of humanity) to learn from this incredibly sad situation?  The answers came through clearly.  I share some of them with you now:


  1. Remember your direct connection: We all have a direct pipeline to our Creative Source that is unconditionally available to every one of us all the time.   Creation is innately unconditional love; therefore it is the true spiritual nature of humans.  The violence we are witnessing is most certainly not being imposed by a Divine Creator in order to punish us.  It is the result of humans blocking this flow of love by forgetting our Divine Connection. Create times throughout the day to sit in silence and allow the love to flow to and through you.
  2. Choose to be peace: Peace is not a condition of life we find when things around us quiet down.  It is a perception we need to consciously choose, no matter what we are experiencing. In order to BE peace, we need to create the time to sit in silence periodically throughout the day so that we can re-train our minds and bodies to remember how it FEELS to be peaceful. By doing this we can collectively create a center point for those who are incapacitated through trauma and pain.
  3. Open your heart: Feel your feelings.  Tragedies remind us that each one of us is connected with everyone and everything through the energy of our hearts.  We are remembering compassion.
  4. Tune into your values: Tragedies profoundly reflect to us how much we can hurt ourselves and others when we make choices that defy our spiritual truth. Rather than focusing on how this violates your values, allow such events to remind you of what is most important to all of us: love.
  5. Connect with each other through your light: We can create a force field of divine healing energy by working through the Power of our Oneness with our creator and each other.  We need to work together to transmit this Field of Light to anyone and everything in need of healing.  Envision Light moving into the top of your head, oozing into your heart, then streaming out to connect with everyone and everything, especially the pain that hovers over Newtown, CT.


We unite our hearts though the power of Love and Light and envision a force field of divine energy is now healing everyone.


Remember, it is far more powerful to hold a center of peace and calm in the midst of a storm than to allow your boat to take on the waters of chaos.


Please feel free to use the comments section on this post to add your blessings for the victims and their families.  We all join with you in your vision of healing.


Love and Light,




Preparing for December 21, 2012 

Day 1: End of the World? No. Beginning of a New Reality? Yes.

Day 2: Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos



End of the World? No. Beginning of a New Reality? Yes.

Your Number 1 job for the next week is to concentrate on one thing: REST. Put away the computer, turn off the TV, create time to be alone and silent … or at least slow down. Your body needs time to prepare. Why?


The word relax written in the sand

© Tatiana Popova


Scientists, the media, books, movies, historians and prognosticators all speak of a similar event, and the one thing that everyone can agree upon is that it will happen on December 21, 2012. Whether you perceive it as the sign from the Mayan Calendar, the Great Shift,  the End of the World, or, perhaps, have not even given it much thought at all, it is destined to be a profoundly extraordinary event.


It’s actually more logical than it sounds. This particular day, the beginning of the winter solstice, marks an extremely rare alignment of our planet, our solar system, and the center of our galaxy that occurs only every 26,000 years. Science tells us that this specific alignment will increase the vibration of the Earth, decrease the Earth’s magnetic field, and have an impact on the Earth’s poles.  This also happens to be the last date of record on the Mayan Calendar.


The important thing is:  what do we do with this information?  As always, our perception has everything to do with how we experience what is occurring all around us.


I believe there are four extremely important words missing after the phrase, “The end of the world,” and they are: “as we know it!” And the next sentence is:  “As we end this cycle, we open ourselves up to a whole new reality!”


Humanity is about to experience far more than a transition–which is moving from one point to another.  We are about to experience a phenomenal transformation–which is a metamorphosis.  Like a catarpillar emerging from its cocoon, our collective human consciousness is shedding old belief systems based on fear and control and emerging into a new world based on the values of unconditional love. The question is, will you be along for the ride or resist the inevitable changes?


What could possibly be more wonderful than this? Isn’t this what our souls have longed for and envisioned in our most enlightened moments?


Not only is there nothing to fear – this is unequivocally the perfect time to welcome, embrace, and rejoice in all the changes that are occurring.


Ironically, our greatest human propensity — fear of the unknown — is exactly what we most need to let go.  We can do this peacefully and gently by utilizing this window of December 12 to December 21 to prepare ourselves for the shift.


How do we prepare for such a massive shift? 


For now, let’s start by sanctioning the time between now and December 21 to be a time of more introspection.  In the next 7 days, I will be utilizing this blog to support you in preparing your mind and body to gracefully align with moving to higher frequencies.


Have you noticed any changes, either within yourself or in the world around you, in the past few days? What’s shifting for you?


Love and Light,