5 Steps to Conquer the Holiday Blues

Thanksgiving has just passed and that day marks the beginning of a period of time that many refer to as The Holiday Blues.


Whether it makes you self-conscious of being single, reminds you of lost loved ones, or brings up sub-conscious feelings of abandonment from the past, this can be a difficult time of the year for everyone.


This is a lonely tree.

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How can you bring more joy into the holiday season while still acknowledging feelings of loneliness? Here are a few simple tips to overcoming The Holiday Blues:


  1. Allow yourself to feel. Listen to yourself as you would a close friend, with no judgment. You can’t move past this phase until you truly acknowledge your current emotions. Remember, feelings require no explanation.
  2. Let go of your expectations. Many of us have a clear picture in our mind’s eye of our version of the “perfect” holiday. It involves an ideal family interaction, ornate tables filled with scrumptious food, a beautifully decorated home and a joyful exchange of amazing presents, and the money to support this picture to boot. In a world ripe with challenges, this is as unrealistic as it sounds. Permit yourself to release this type of expectation. We’ll replace it with a new vision soon.
  3. Think of one thing for which you are truly grateful. Sit quietly for five minutes and allow images of things that make you happy to flow through your mind. Seize one of those images and quietly express sincere gratitude for it. This will help to change your current perspective of loneliness.
  4. Do something kind for someone else. Be what you want to see. Kindness to another opens you up to receiving that positive energy in return. You may be surprised where it comes from!
  5. Set a powerful vision for a new holiday. A great place to start is The Vision of Oneness. You will notice that it opens you to limitless potential, unconditional love and unexpected blessings.

Feel free to connect with others by commenting on this post. You may be shocked at how many people are feeling the same way.


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  1. I can totally relate. I think this post will help those of us who truly find this time of year to be the hardest to look at things in a whole new light. Thank you, Sandra.

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